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Energy Saving and Corporate Sustainability

As demands on corporations increase to lower energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gases, companies are looking for unique ways to enhance their sustainability efforts and minimize these pressures.

For corporations, EnergyEarth can provide measurable results each time a customer or employee participates in an offer, promotion or program utilizing one of our unique rewards. The results will continue to increase based on participation, creating a continuously growing positive financial and environmental impact that is traceable to your company.

Your company will have the ability to track the following savings:

  • Customer dollars saved
  • Kilowatt hours reduced
  • Gallons of water reduced
  • CO2 reduced
  • Trees planted

For utility distributors and providers, EnergyEarth offers targeted solutions to enhance current and future energy efficiency initiatives to help meet demand response goals and objectives.

EnergyEarth’s programs and solutions are designed to:

  • Increase customer engagement and education
  • Alter behavior toward specific goals
  • Improve adoption of programs
  • Showcase measurement and savings impact results
  • Provide consumers with relevant incentives and rewards
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Our Rewards

EnergyEarth’s unique rewards drive the success of our programs. Our solutions can be customized to meet your business objectives with any of our four reward options. Our rewards are unique to EnergyEarth and combine traditional incentives, such as gift cards and Visa® prepaid cards, with energy and utility saving products that can help your employees and customers save thousands on their utility bills.

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Program Implementation

EnergyEarth’s talented team of professionals will work closely with you throughout all phases of your program, from inception through program management, to ensure its success. 

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